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Prosthetics is the evaluation, design and creation of artificial limbs for those who have had an amputaion or were born without a limb.


Patients With New Amputations:

If you have recently had an amputation and have been referred to our facility, we would like to welcome you. At this point you may have already visited Dr. Grad in the Prosthetic clinic, and we may have met you there. If this is not the case, you may want to consult your doctor and book a clinic appointment.

If you have recently had an amputation, you are likely experiencing many new things that are associated with this recent change in your medical condition. You will learn a lot about coping with the amputation during your stay in our rehabilitation program. During your treatment time at the Regional Rehabilitation Center, you will not only be fit with your Prosthesis, but you will also work with many other allied health care professionals that are interested in helping you adjust to your life with an amputation.

You will meet physiotherapists who will help you regain some of your strength and train you how to walk with your new Prosthesis. Occupational therapists will help you learn to make adjustments in your home to ensure safety in completing everyday tasks, such as bathing, cooking and navigating through tight spaces. Nurses will take care of you on the ward and help keep on eye on your skin as it heals. Social workers will help you with any concerns you may have about where you will go after your discharge and help you cope with any personal difficulties you might be experiencing. There is a nutritionist that will help to ensure you are eating healthy and monitor your sugar levels if required. Our pharmacist will help coordinate your medications. Dr. Grad will orchestrate this entire effort and be a valuable resource to you as you progress through your rehabilitation and beyond.

It is important that you wear a tensor bandage at this time, especially if you have not been fit with your prosthesis. If you have questions about tensoring with a Prosthesis or preparation for wearing a Prosthesis, please feel free to call the Prosthtetic and Orthotic department to speak to one our Prosthetic clinicians at 905-521-2607. We look forward to meeting you and working together with you. 


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