Hamilton Health Sciences
LGBTQ+ Task Force

Health Care Consumer's Bill of Rights

LGBQT+ people of all ages have the right to full and equitable access to all health care services, in a supportive environment, where it is safe for them and their families to be out to their providers if they choose to do so. They have the right to health care services that are comprehensive, medically appropriate and culturally competent. In order to ensure their access to quality health care, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of all ages have the right:

  • To safe and confidential medical treatment;
  • To confidentiality of their medical records, including confidentiality about their sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • To have their self-defined families recognized, acknowledged and respected by all health care providers;
  • To be treated in a health care environment that uses culturally appropriate language, including culturally appropriate intake and other written forms;
  • To have case management and treatment plans that include and address sexual orientation and gender identity where it is a necessary and appropriate issue in client care;
  • To be included and have their needs addressed in prevention and other public health programs.

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