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Respiratory Therapy

Contacts and Leadership Team

Main Contact Phone Number: (905) 521-2100 and extension

Hospital Paging is ext. 76443

Paging: (905) 521-5030 and give pager number

To page from external phone:  (905) 521-5070 and enter pager number, followed by call back number

Chief of Interprofessional Practice- Hamilton General Hospital, HGH/Urgent Care/ Perioperative Services Program  (formerly held title of Chief of Respiratory Therapy Practice)

Mike Kampen B.Sc (Hons),RRT
Office Location: Hamilton General Hospital, 7 North, room 728

Phone Ext: 44853     Blackberry: 905 975 2148

Clinical Leader/RT Student Coordinator - Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre

currently vacant

Respiratory Therapy- Charge Therapist- Hamilton General Site

Jennifer Barton BA, RRT

Office Location: Hamilton General Site, BTU, 3rd Floor
Phone Ext: 44646
Pager: 4201

RT Clinical Educator - All Sites

Shawna MacDonald RRT FCSRT

Office Location: McMaster (MUMC) site , office 1C-12 or HGH site- 3 Lower North, room 338
Phone Ext: 73835
Pager: 4406

Clinical Associate - Conestoga College RT Students / Michener Institute RT Students

Kendra Bairstow-Mantha RRT

Office Location: Hamilton General Site, BTU, 3rd floor
Phone Ext: 44646

Regional Rehabilitation & St.Peter's - Sr. RRT's

Renata Vaughan RRT/ Karen Martindale RRT

Office Location: Regional Rehabilitation Centre, B2-128
Phone Ext: 40931 / 40932
Pager: 1889 / 1267
Email: /

Home Care Specialist - RRT's

McMaster Children's Hospital:     Jeannie Kelso RRT / Cindy Brennan RRT

Office Location: MUMC site, 1K3F

Phone Ext: 73650

Pagers: 1042 / 1164

Email: /

Adult Services (0.6 FTE):     Jodee Naylor RRT

Office Location: Hamilton General Hospital, Respiratory Therapy, 3rd floor

Phone Ext: 73731
Pager: 1222

McMaster Children's Hospital Simulation & Outreach Program; Student RT Program Clinical Coordinator Neo/Peds Specialty Rotations- Michener Institute

Kevin Middleton, B. Sc., RRT

Outreach Specialist, Simulation and Outreach Program

McMaster site     1200 Main Street West, Room 1K3-W4     Hamilton, ON   L8N 3Z5

(905) 521-2100 ext.72765

McMaster Children's Hospital; Student RT Program Clinical Associate - Neo/Peds Specialty Rotations - Conestoga College

Cathy Moyer, RRT

Pediatric Specialist RRT, McMaster Children's Hospital

Perioperative Sr. RRTs

Carmen Kergl RRT (MUMC Site) / Sue Grantham RRT (Juravinski Site) / Tom Bosnjak RRT (General Site)
Office Location: MUMC Site 2T10 / Juravinski Site O.R. / General Site O.R.
Phone Ext: 75179 / 42423 / 46277
Pager: 1080 / 4575 / 1346
Email: / /

Medical Diagnostic Unit (MDU)  Sr. RRTs

Ingrid Hoehne RRT (MUMC Site) / Lise LaRose RRT (Juravinski Site) / Bill Terhljan PRT (General Site)
Office Location: MUMC Site MDU / Juravinski Site MDU / General Site MDU
Phone Ext: 75787 / 42218 / 46077
Email: / /

Respiratory Therapy Department Contact Information


Women's Reproductive Health RRT / Adult Code Blue RRT      pager: 1062
NICU RT office phone ext: 73377        NICU RRT pagers: 5020, 5058, 5023, 1049
Paediatric Wards RRT pager: 1362     PCCU ext. 72610      PCCU RRT pagers: 1572, 1390

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Site

RRT office area - phone ext: 42225
Ward RRT pager: 1692     ICU 1/Resource RRT pager: 1691

Hamilton General Site

Respiratory Therapy - Department phone ext: 46344
Ward RRT pager: 1484     Beeper RRT pager: 1673 
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber phone ext: 46426

Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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