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Behavioural Health Program

About the Service

Behavioural Health is a specialized service for adults who have a diagnosis of dementia and exhibit challenging behaviours. These behaviours may include verbally or physically responsive behaviours in relation to exit seeking, wandering, activities of daily living and social interaction.

All admissions occur with the goal of discharge to a lower level of care. Admission can occur from home, hospital or community service such as LTC.  Admissions from Long Term Care (LTC) are for a 60 day assessment and treatment period with return to the bed held in LTC. Consultation with LTC staff occurs  to ensure continuity of care when the person returns.
We provide a Case Management model, interdisciplinary team assessment, treatment and management plan that focuses on the following:

  • Behavioural stability;
  • Abilities enhancement; and
  • Personhood


  • Diagnosis of dementia with responsive behaviours.
  • Multiple, frequent, intensive behaviours requiring a secure environment.
  • Care that exceed available community resources.

Goals of Care

The overall goal of the service is to maximize  abilities and help achieve a successful discharge back to a community setting at an appropriate level of care.

The objectives include:

  1. Providing restorative care to decrease excess disability and to assist the person to optimize or maintain his/her functional level.
  2. Reducing the intensity and frequency of behaviours.
  3. Improving quality of life by helping the person achieve his/her personal goals.
  4. Involving family members of patients as partners in care, and supporting and educating families throughout the course of the illness.
  5. Working collaboratively with community partners to achieve a successful discharge.

Joint referral will occur with HHS St. Peter's Site,  Behavioural Health and St. Joseph's HealthCare, Geriatric Psychiatry (A1) to determine which service  would best meet the applicant's needs.

Suitability is related to frequency and severity of behaivoural issues and resources required. An applicant will only be placed on one waiting list.

If you require any clarification about the referral process, please contact

HHS St. Peter's Site,  Behavioural Health Social Worker at (905) 521-2100 ext. 12327 or

St. Joseph's HealthCare, Central Access Coordinator at (905) 388-2511 ext. 36649.

Direct Referrals

HHS St. Peter's Site is responsible for all complex care beds in Hamilton, including those based at St. Peter's as well as St. Joseph's. The Admitting Department at St. Peter's provides a Central Intake Function and maintains a shared waiting list.

The Goals:

  • To facilitate access to complex care inpatient beds
  • To improve the timeliness of communication, re: the acceptance status
  • To improve the quality of communication between St. Peter's and the referral source


  • Completed forms will be forwarded to the programs by the Admitting Department
  • Incomplete forms will not be accepted and the referral source will be notified
  • Within two business days the referral source will be notified via email of the acceptance status
  • Accepted patients will be placed on the program/location waiting lists and will be offered the first appropriate bed at any location

Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) LHIN Acute Care to Rehab and Complex Continuing Care (CCC) Referral Form

Behavioural Assessment Form


Behavioural Health believes each individual is unique and should be cared for with unconditional, positive regard. Our dementia care is a CRAFT.

C - Creative
R - Respectful
A - Attuned to the emotion
F - Flexible
T - Tender

The Interdisciplinary Team

Case Managers
Clinical Manager
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Nursing Staff
Occupational Therapist
Rehab Assistant
Social Worker
Speech Language Pathologist
Therapeutic Recreationist
Unit Clerk

Fast Facts

Number of beds - 68
60 day bed hold for assessment, treatment and return to the community.

Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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