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Relationship Centred Care

At St. Peter's Hospital, the philosophy of Relationship Centered Care is enhancing the traditional philosophy of patient centred care.

Relationship Centred Care ensures that each relationship, whether it is staff member to patient, staff to staff, or staff to community, is nurtured, meaningful and appreciated. While we may not always stop and think about our interactions with others, these relationships affect the way we deliver service, the way we work together as a team, the way we view ourselves and the way we embrace opportunities to grow. At St. Peter's, Relationship Centered Care is making our mission of 'Enhancing Lives,' a reality.


Relationship Centred Care supports caring relationships by acknowledging the importance of self awareness, self care and self growth. Beginning with self, relationship centred care helps to establish an ethic of respect, unconditional positive regard, and service. This ethic then becomes the core of all relationships in health care.


We develop these relationships to sustain health of self, patients, health care team, organization, community and environment.



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