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The Chronic Pain Management Unit of Hamilton Health Sciences is located at McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Chronic Pain is a complicated condition affecting roughly one in ten Canadians.  It involves a complex set of problems including physical, cognitive, emotional, social and environmental factors.  We understand the challenges involved in trying to assist people suffering from chronic pain and we are here to help.

Chronic pain can disrupt your home life, your relationships, and your ability to work. Most people living with chronic pain are frustrated as they have not found a way to easily reduce or eliminate it. In an effort to deal with your condition, you may have tried medication, physiotherapy, and surgery, only to be disappointed by the results. After searching for a cure you may have been told or come to realize that the pain you are experiencing will not go away.  Doctors or other health care professionals may have said to you …. "Learn to live with it"; however, no one has told you how.

At the Chronic Pain Management Unit we can help you learn how to live with pain by teaching and coaching you on strategies and approaches that can improve your function and quality of life. You do not have to figure it out by yourself. Participation in our Program connects you with others who have chronic pain and with our experienced staff. Within this environment you can learn and apply skills to help you cope with your pain condition.  We have found that when pain is managed properly, over time, pain levels can decrease. 

We provide an interdisciplinary cognitive behavioural, and rehabilitation approach to pain management.  Drawing on expertise and resources of one of Canada's leading university-affiliated teaching hospitals, our goal-oriented treatment focuses on helping individuals with chronic pain regain control of their lives in spite of their pain.  In addition, the Pain Program is committed to ongoing program evaluation and pain research.

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