Hamilton Health Sciences' strategic plan guides how we invest our precious time and resources, and ensures a common understanding of the directions we are pursuing.





& Learning
Provide an excellent patient and family experience every time Engage, empower and enable our people to deliver on our mission Meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve now
and in the future
To lead in research, innovation and learning for the benefit
of our community
and the world


Strategic Directions

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the outcome of our relentless determination to align Hamilton Health Sciences’ strategy, systems, tools and culture in the pursuit of improved value for our patients and families.

Enterprise Approach

Our enterprise approach is the ways in which we think, act and problem-solve together as a well-coordinated system of hospital services, proving Hamilton Health Sciences is greater than the sum of its parts.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships are those we have forged to find solutions to the big, complex challenges that Hamilton Health Sciences simply cannot tackle alone. These partnerships are based on the mutual belief that partners who share resources and risks will achieve better results.

Population Health

Population health is about creating a healthier community. It takes into account the factors that determine a person’s well-being – such things as income level, housing stability, education and more. It guides our work with health and social service providers to support people who are most at risk of disease or preventable hospital stays.


View the Corporate Strategic Plan 2018-19 (pdf)