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The goal of the Office of Clinical & Organizational Ethics at Hamilton Health Sciences is to build ethics capacity and nurture a culture that makes it easy to "do the right thing"; this requires the integration of effective ethical decision-making, supportive systems and processes, and an enabling environment and culture.

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Ethics Framework 

Do You Have an Ethics Question?

  • Are you wondering “What is the right thing to do?”
  • Are you feeling caught between two or more obligations such as promoting well-being and respecting choice?
  • Do multiple options seem right, or seem wrong?
  • Are you concerned about how to protect others from harm?
  • Is there no clear policy, law or standard way forward?
  • Would you describe yourself and others as feeling moral distress over an issue?
Contact the appropriate resource below

Does the question involve disagreements concerns or uncertainties about a patient's care?

Clinical Ethics

Does the question involve concerns about research? 


Research Ethics


Does the question involve concerns re: quality of care, patient experience  or clinical risk/ legal considerations?

Patient Experience

Does the question involve access to, disclosure or use of personal health, business or staff information?



If you have a question regarding an ethics issue, or you are not sure whom to call, please contact the Office of Clinical & Organizational Ethics at 905 521-2100 extension 73661 or email officeofethics@hhsc.ca and your question will be directed to the most appropriate place